Our Purpose

Our race has witnessed many examples of exponential technologies used to the detriment of humanity. Precision Autonomy was established to realize the vision of its founders – enabling the safe commercial and social integration of autonomous technologies into society. We identified unmanned aerial systems as one of the first technologies we can integrate into our lives.  As the sophistication of technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics bridge from the digital world into our physical world we will see an explosion of opportunity in the ‘Autonomy Economy’ – Our initial focus on unmanned aerial systems will extend to land surface, marine surface, marine sub-surface, space, multi-modal, or micro, nano, swarm and in-home unmanned and autonomous systems.

Our vision is to bring together the digital (data intelligence) and physical (human and machine) worlds and allow these to operate in a precise, safe and purposeful way.  This intersection of the digital and physical worlds will change the way we live and how society functions.


We are an open innovation organization

We consider unmanned aerial systems to be more than just the next generation in aviation. By operating as an open innovation organization, Precision Autonomy leverages its own strategic innovation, aerospace, data science and human-centered design expertise to form ecosystem partnerships with experts from academia, research, industry associations, government, corporations, venture and global agencies.

Using Precision Autonomy’s solutions, we engage with communities that extend across corporations, operators, manufacturers, regulators, civil liberties groups and insurance providers. 

Our rapid evolution

Since inception Precision Autonomy has assessed and shaped market demand, developed a patented solution, created an industry-leading team of passionate and unique individuals who are actively building our capability and networks initially in the US and Australia.


Aug 2012 Envisioned our future with autonomous technology
Sep 2013 Designed our technology with Australian regulatory review
Mar 2014 Incorporated Australian company
Nov 2014 Developed patent solution
Jun 2015 Presented at the Australian Davos Connection
Aug 2015 Collaborated with researchers and industry to develop business models
Aug 2015 Incorporated US company
Sep 2015 Presented at Canada’s Global Business Forum
Nov 2015 Proof of concept
Dec 2015 Live test

Live commercial use
TedX Race Demo
Full autonomy technology solution enhancements

Our team

As founders of Precision Autonomy, we’ve all built successful careers in innovation strategy, technology design and delivery, marketing, finance and risk management. We each have over 20 years’ experience from building start-ups, to leading and operating in multi-national companies.

We’ve sought out a core team to help us make our vision a reality – tapping into the leading Australian and US universities, and research institutions to discover entrepreneurial talent and ideas.

  • Business Development
  • Project Manager
  • Aerospace System and Electronics Engineers
  • User experience (Drone interface specialization)
  • Software Designers
  • Test and Automation
  • Database Administrator and Development
  • API Designers

We’re always looking for innovative partners and team members to make unmanned and autonomous vehicles a safe reality.

A powerful think tank at the core

Precision Autonomy is a subsidiary of Human Ecology Holdings.

Human Ecology Holdings participates in global thought leadership discussions to advocate future technology implementation putting humans back at the center of the new global ‘Autonomy Economy’. It achieves this through its operating companies which take autonomous and other exponential technologies to market. 

Precision Autonomy is its first operating company, with solutions created specifically to help unmanned and autonomous vehicles enhance and extend human capability and quality of life.


Our offices

Our offices are based in two of the world’s innovation hubs – Austin, TX USA and Sydney, Australia. This global perspective allows us to generate ideas that push the boundaries of innovation design and scale delivery.

With access to research centers, we test our solutions in live outdoor environments providing our team with real results to continuously develop our technology.

To find out more, please connect with us to see how you could be part of the next stage of our evolving technological solutions.

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