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We have a global patent pending for an unmanned and autonomous vehicle data service and communications network system. This core industry data service will capture, monitor and report the full lifecycle, from manufacturing through to mission performance, maintenance, and disposal of unmanned and autonomous vehicles.  It also addresses all of the ancillary activities such as equipment and pilot certification, equipment specifications and replacement parts, as well as the other information required for companies to operate their unmanned fleets.  

Our Lifecycle Data Management Service and ‘purple’ box communications hardware solution captures data to ensure unmanned systems are operating ‘on purpose’.   It’s this powerful combination of innovative bi-directional communications hardware and transparency into operation, management, and performance that will support proactive governance and control within the industry.

Transparency and trust through data auditability

Our solution is not just an aerial or in-mission information platform, but an integrated intelligence system that spans the end to end data lifecycle providing an operations and management knowledge base, as well as sophisticated contextual insights.

The Lifecycle Data Management Service integrates data captured from pre-mission planning, in-mission management, and post mission audit, with elements such as performance history, maintenance history and ownership history. The data service will provide transparency into the purpose and usage of unmanned and autonomous systems, building trust and accelerating adoption by ensuring they are operating ‘on purpose.

No communications network boundaries in rural and city regions

Our hardware module attaches to unmanned aerial vehicles to safely and reliably collect data, but importantly also connects to a position sensing system – a radar and communications transmitter and receiver. This is a feature of Precision Autonomy’s design solution. By switching between different communications technologies, our solution is designed to operate in some of the most difficult environments for communications signals such as in urban canyons, or in blackout or jamming situations.

As the unmanned aerial vehicle flies through a city between buildings, the transmitter used to collect the data is backed up onto cell phone infrastructure 

Real-time traffic control and bi-directional communications

Our system was co-designed with aerospace and communications engineers to specifically integrate into unmanned and autonomous systems, providing a simple method of monitoring and identifying them while in-mission as well as tracking their lifecycle operations and performance.

The onboard computing system consists of a wireless communication system, sensors for gathering data and standardized external interface seamlessly integrate into the unmanned aerial vehicle to create a fully responsive solution.

Unique identifiers, assigned pre-flight or dynamically during flight, allow each unmanned aerial vehicle to be associated with an approved mission plan (e.g. to integrate to the NASA UTM solution), as well as traced to its original registered owner. This data system will link with all of the newly emerging registration services being proposed and implemented globally, and can be used to inform future flights. For example, it would provide intelligent insights into the flying conditions that may not be conducive to that particular vehicle design, or pilot capability.  

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