The next generation of intelligence

Exponential technologies, such as unmanned and autonomous systems and the Internet of Things, will bring together the digital and physical ‘worlds’ – it’s a world far beyond just ‘digital’ and ‘big data’. Our solution has the capability to move beyond traditional ‘if-then’, and machine learning correlation, onto an ability to operate with platforms which contemplate causality to autonomy in ambiguous situations.

These technologies leave the automation introduced by the previous Ages in their wake, as they introduce what we call the ‘Autonomy Economy’.


A new market with new jobs in the ‘autonomy economy’TM

Shaping the guidelines and rules of autonomy represents the next generation of jobs and an entry into the ‘Autonomy Economy’. As autonomous machines replace a higher percentage of roles in the human workforce, we’ll ensure the introduction and adoption of moral and ethical guidelines in the implementation of such autonomy.

By doing this, we believe the Precision Autonomy solution will create the data sets to build the trust of the broader population through smarter and safe use.

  • Industry-centric: integration of unmanned aerial systems safely into existing traffic and manned systems, and activities in commercial airspace, land and sea.
  • Human-centric: use of unmanned aerial vehicles in-home for specific purposes such as robotic health and seniors care at home.

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