Co-designing with industry experts – our network of partners and alliances

We’ve collaborated with aerospace engineers, data scientists, human-centered design experts and partners from leading Australian universities, the aerospace industry and national agencies to design our data service.


Customized industry data sets and user interfaces

Our solution is a secure, data-driven platform where the user subscribes to data sets of interest and usage. It supports a range of lifecycle functions from vehicle manufacturing, managing pilot capability/certifications, maintenance, through to retirement.  This data baseline addresses the information, planning, design, risk, compliance and auditability needs of manufacturers, operators, insurers, regulators and customers unmanned systems.

Along with the operational insights gained from the data capture, a strong ‘artificial’ intelligence engine will drive more sophisticated insights linking the core data to additional contextual data sources.

New business opportunities

A lack of understanding of capability and the business models that unmanned and autonomous systems represent inhibit the growth of the ‘Autonomy Economy’.

With our experience and advisory team, we go beyond just developing and implementing technology solutions…whether you’re a corporate customer, academic, research institution, government or part of the venture community that creates new convergent markets and jobs, we’ll work with you to help integrate autonomous capability into your current business model or introduce autonomy capabilities to achieve commercial success. The experiences we are designing include:

Industry-centric: we can help you embed unmanned and autonomous value propositions into your current business model. Consider the following…

  • Launch capabilities for real-time unmanned and autonomous system insurance.
  • Track and manage unmanned and autonomous vehicle fleet that replaces traditional logistics and package delivery services to reduce costs.
  • Provide security and surveillance for maintenance of infrastructure or in conflict hot spots.
  • Build maintenance and repair networks for unmanned and autonomous vehicles, similar to those within the automotive industry.

Human-centric: we envision and co-design unmanned and autonomous value propositions to positively drive future societal needs. Consider the following…

  • Provide seniors care at home services in remote locations, such as telemedicine, test diagnostics or emergency paramedic drone services. 

Innovation in unmanned aerial vehicle traffic control

We know US aviation regulators want an autonomous solution to air traffic control as it’s not feasible to hire enough human air traffic controllers to cope with the amount of traffic that will fill our air space in next 10 years.

Our pending patented unmanned aerial vehicle network system gathers data on the health of the unmanned aerial vehicle, such as temperature, voltage, position and altitude. If we detect a possible problem, our Artificial Intelligence engine will work directly with the unmanned aerial vehicle avionics system, and send information to the aircraft and pilots to re-route the flight plan to avoid collisions – TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems).

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