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Our Purpose


Precision Autonomy was established to realize the vision of its founders – enabling the safe commercial and social integration of unmanned and autonomous technologies into society.


Our Technology


Our solution is a powerful combination of a data service and communications network hardware. The networking capability supports secure bi-directional data communications to unmanned systems (e.g. UAVs) while in mission.  The data service captures, manages, and identifies insights across the full unmanned aerial system lifecycle to ensure vehicles are operating safely and ‘on purpose’. 

Our real-time Lifecycle Data Management Service creates a base data set that also allows Precision Autonomy to develop intelligent insights using operational and other contextual data. These inform the safe operation of unmanned aerial systems, and provides a knowledge base for industry risk assessment and performance enhancement. Building transparency and trust through capturing performance and operational data will accelerate the adoption of unmanned systems creating new jobs and social benefits in what we call the ‘Autonomy Economy’.


Our Solutions


If you’re looking for a solution to integrate and manage manned and unmanned airspace, manage your unmanned fleets, or capture your unique business information for uses such as inspection, damage assessments, monitoring and others via UAS, our technology is your starting point.

And if your business is embracing autonomous solutions, and you’re considering how your entire business model could benefit from not just automation and big data, but autonomy, then you should talk to us. We have the expertise to shape strategy for new offerings focused on autonomy.  And we can co-develop and implement plans to redefine your business to capture the rapid advancements of autonomous innovation.


Collaborate and innovate


We’re always looking for passionate, principled, and ideas-driven individuals and businesses to help us make unmanned and autonomous vehicles a safe reality. Be part of the phenomenon, and help shape the change and implement technology that will change human capability in a safe yet extraordinary way.